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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Little House pincushion

Is there anything cuter than a tiny house? and a tiny house that's practical, girly and for a fellow lover of Sewing and crafts? This was my offering for the lovely Kitty_Catty on the One Tiny House Swap on the super duper Craftster
Inspired by a vintage magazine (as per usual) from the 70's which used Rick Rack for roof tiles I rustled up this beauty. Would you believe that the Window Rick rack is the baby variety? so teeny tiny!

I was able to take all the supplies from my enormous stash/hoard/pile of everything crafty, but originally the red Cord from my beloved Reuse Centre (love that place!)

Things are almost calming down enough for me to get back to scheduled posts, so much to post, so little time, usual busy Mama story, you know the drill ;)

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Vintage Cross Stitch Sampler


I love the Reuse Centre, I blog for them, , I shop there, I tell anyone too stupid to run away quickly from me about this awesome place, it's my all time favourite place in Edmonton bar none.

Anyway enough gushing about it, this here is why I think the place rocks. I 'pop' in to look for some fabric and BAM, 2 hours later I'm cowering under the weight of 10 vintage needlecraft books and magazines, a roll of 70's Red, White and Blue contact paper in the most amazing pattern, 17 Mens ties, some psychadelic fabric and almost a Partridge in a Pear Tree... and only then because the applicable bin was empty.

In one of those Needlecraft magazines came this gorgeous pattern, since I finished Gabrielles birth sampler here I'd been itching to start another one ..

..and since I only had 97 other unfinished and promised projects to complete, it seemed like the perfect time to start one.

The frustrated Victorian lady inside me loves the Symmetry of the latest pattern and that it's only using 5 colours, it has a Red, White and Blue (my fave colour combo) thing going on and Hearts too (fave motif). 

The best thing about Cross Stitch in general? even when my house looks like a tornado has hit, my gorgeous children are swinging off me, shouting, screaming and crying, snot, tears, the works, I am in such a blissed out, Zen, peaceful state of mind as soon as I start stabbing placing that needle through the Aida, it's crafty Valium for me that's for sure.

So what crafts are chilling you stressed out, over achievers these days? Cos I want in.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Vintage Ribbon Needlebook


What is not to love about Embroidered Vintage ribbons, I have quite the stash now thanks to an amazing haul I received for Christmas. I've had a huge project awaiting these ribbons for the longest time, but I needed to give them a little trial on a smaller quicky but still gorgeous project.

Here is that mini loveliness, my pocket size needlebook, cute, pretty and very, very handy, so handy in fact it will indeed keep me from ever having to remove another bent easy-thread needle from my backside after an unfortunate incident combining absent mindedness and downright stupidity. Won't go any further into it, but let this be a cautionary reminder to never EVER use your office chairs seat as a pincushion... EVER (winces at the mere reminder of that day)


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Stashbusting - Vintage Stamped Cross Stitch

I picked up a Vintage Stamped Cross stitch kit at least a year ago and finally cranked it out, it's 11 x 14 inches on Belgian Linen and it cost a $1, score!. The stamped crosses were all wonky so this turned out delightfully 'rustic', it was great fun not to be too fussy about the stitches and just follow the printed lines. Definitely see more of these in my future.

Some of my favourite details, so cute!

Fancy making your own Home inspired Cross stitch?, check out this free pattern at Penelope Waits.


Or these patterns are available on Etsy, just type in Stamped Cross Stitch Pattern for a ton of kits available, these were my favourite homely ones.

Jane Snead Samplers Vintage Cross Stitch Kit 314 God Bless Our Home
Not Religious personally but love the picture on this one.

Jane Snead Samplers Vintage Cross Stitch Embroidery Kit 312 Our House Sampler

Have fun stitching peeps

Friday, July 29, 2011

Embroidery a beginners feeble offerings

For those of you that have read a few of my older posts you may know that I have a thing about Embroidery and would so love to be able to make anything that looks like a spider didn't get tangled up in some floss.

In the dreaded internet blight of some weeks ago I was hankering for something to keep my mouse hand busy, it was a tough time people and thinking about 2 weeks sans internet still makes me shudder Brrrrrrrr. 

During those bleak 2 weeks I was the lucky, lucky lady who received these beautiful embroidered tea towels from my fab friend and fellow Craftster lover Spidermom of the blog  friendly neighborhood spidermom (names have been changed to protect the innocent!) and since then I've been desperate to see if some of this amazing ladies talent had soaked into me by some kind of crafty Osmosis.


I have the rest of the week to come, how lucky am I?

Now I wouldn't say I was by any means talented in the slightest but I felt happy that my finished offering beared some resemblance to the intended design.

Not so keen on the cushions, a small hoop on the wall will suffice for the finished piece. I have to admit that I was pretty daunted to start one of these Chicken Scratch patterns but once I'd read and re-read (a first for me!!) the instructions I realised that there were only 2 different stitches, a + sign and the round looking stitch which is actually only four straight stitches then one last stitch that is 'woven' behind the other straight stitches, you pull it a little and it 'should' look like a circle (at least from afar anyway!!)

Not so circular but a piece finished and an Embroidery project no less (runs around the house in a victory lap!)

This is the 80's craft book I found the pattern in, it's a great book with some cute projects in.

Crochet squares sewn together for this cute sun dress, kind of a cheats emboidery project, right up my alley!

After a quick thrifting trip with my visiting MIL yesterday I bagged these 4 teeny hoops, they are 3'' small, the 4" is in there just for size reference. Not even I could get bored of an Embroidery project that small.

So maybe I'm not so scared of Embroidery now and you may even see a few more projects on here, anyway must go and start on this project from the same book, anyone up for a sateen bow extravaganza te he he.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Digging those Church sales

Before I dive headfirst into my usual 100 words per min garble I have to let you guys know that I've been unable to respond to your comments. Firstly I'm so amazed and dead chuffed (happy) that I even have one comment so I do care about getting back to you and if you ever want more info or to ask me a question feel free to drop me a line at If you have written a kind word, just know that it always makes me smile and really inspires me to try to show you something great in my next post.

Next on with the goofy and unflattering photos of me sans makeup, sadly not as glam as my Dressmakers dummy but so much easier to get up and down the stairs to a better source of light :)

So difficult to get a good shot of this top but it has cut work, Hardanger embroidery and scalloped neckline, sleeves and hemline, absolute bliss and what a steal for 10c, I should be wearing a Balaclava next time I hit up a Church sale!

I would love to say that I lovingly hand embroidered all of this deliciousness but nope, it was done by Machine and came like this when I found it, I seriously thought it was a tablecloth that needed finishing off until like usual I stand in front of a mirror, shove my head through the hole and think aha (cue Alan Partridge voice) that's what it's meant to be!

What's this you see? some completely off topic deliciousness? on my blog? yep since I am generally going to get fatter and fatter until gorgeous baby (No. 2) arrives I'm going to make myself feel better and skinnier in comparison by fattening you all up along the way. How will I be infiltrating your homes? why I'll be sharing some good ole' British recipes straight from my kitchen, expect lots of Jam, Cream and thick Custard, so throw those Weight Watchers points books out the window, you'll be so glad you did! 

P.s 99 readers, woooohooooo how did that happen? I think the less I blog the more followers I get, are you guys trying to drop me a hint? te he he

Friday, May 20, 2011

Refashion Inspiration - Heart Cut out back


Here's a trick I've been meaning to try once I find the perfect unloved top/dress at my local thrift store, must get down there once things get on more of an even keel. The kitchen is in as of an hour ago and now just awaiting the countertops, tiling, sink, taps, yep a bit of a way to go, but thankfully no more baby Noah hankering for power tools. 

    This is what caught my eye and had me desperate to try this cut out, a refashion by the adorable Paulinemma, prepare for imminent girl crush. 

For your delight and delectation an easy peasy tutorial which could so easily be used for a refashion on a plain dress, now  if only I weren't always attracted to eye wateringly odd 70's prints. 


I would love to see if it any of you lovelies try this one out so feel free to link here and give us a show and tell.

Hoping to have another refashion finished soon, this one seems to be taking more time than I'd hoped, it's really kicking my butt.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

HMDH - Romper Stomper

So finally I'm busting out another refashion, and this one I'm so proud of, it turned out so cute and finally the Spring weather is here so I can actually wear it without fear of Frostbite, Windburn and Hyperthermia (a real buzz kill!)

So I switched up the Romper to a dress using the tutorial I made for trousers to skirt, this was so easy and switched up the 80's look which I just cannot carry off at the Mum and Toddler groups to a more refined 40's look.

I added piping to the neckline, switched up the dreary buttons and cut the sleeves down and with a bit of trickery Bob's your Uncle a cutout sleeve, this is definitely going on my Tutorials list when things are back to normal after the big move. The sleeves look so much cuter on but I struggle to get a good photo of myself in this apartment.

Just in case you missed the original goofy shot, here is the original Kung Fu before pose, and nope I have absolutely no shame.

Hope it was worth the wait xoxo

Friday, March 4, 2011

Scallops and Mussels alive alive-o

Ok no Mussels, but it was just too good a title to miss out on!

It's all about the scalloped edge, I've been meaning to try sewing something with this technique for awhile and now they are upon us in abundance, check out these links for some yummy sewing and shopping inspiration.

Fancy trying this out yourself? check out these tutorials, three ways to get the same look for a top/skirt/shorts, a quick and dirty approach (just as cute but does what it says on the tin) and the long winded traditional way:

Sewing Teacher approved method :)

Quick and Dirty scissors method

Scallope Edge Coat

Image 1 of ASOS Scalloped Edge A-Line Mini Skirt
Image 1 of ASOS WHITE Silk Scalloped Edge Shell Top
 Asos Silk Top STG 27.00

Urban Outfitters

Hope this has given you some scallopy food for thought yum yum!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hand-Me-Down Horror 20 - All the nice girls love a sailor

Or so the saying goes, but having lived in Portsmouth, UK where they are ten a penny, this 'nice girl' was not taking the bait lol. I've had this dress for over a year but I loved it and even though it had rubbishy buttons on and was a billion sizes too big (UK size 16) it had some serious charm, so  not really such a horror just an unpolished gem!

I'd put off altering this dress because I was sure that I'd have problems with the collar since I had to take the dress in at every seam, but the collar just needed trimming and restitching at the zip end and the rest of the length just repositioning, phewee!

I totally feel like Jessica Rabbit in this dress, it's the kind of dress that made me sashay back and forth from the mirror to the sewing machine whilst wearing it.

Just for fun here is the facing of the wrap skirt, how adorable is that?!

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